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John Lasseter            

    Welcome internet traveler to my home page.  I was born in Miami, Florida where I spent my early years swimming, biking & just enjoying the great weather.

    My mom & dad worked in the family plumbing business which left me as a kind of latch key kid.    I'd walk home from school & hit the pool to swim.   In those days it was just fun to  feel  like a fish for hours on end!   Little did I know that, to some, it was called "working out", oh well, it just felt great!

    The water was always an important part of my life & when I was around 15 surfing became my favorite sport / pastime.   While I was in college my career with the Miami Beach Patrol (lifeguards) began.

   I retired as the Beach Patrol Captain  & ran away with my wife from Miami on our boat  ( 40' Schucker  ).  We lived aboard for three years & it was a great  experience.  Boat people are so friendly, interesting & helpful!!

Then began a new career as a Florida / National licensed massage therapist.   It was extremely rewarding to have given the gift of touch & healing to over 1000 individuals.   Working in Melbourne, Fl at the Professional Massage Center was  a wonderful experience.

   Last year I returned from my "Surfer's Dream" as I had relocated to Hawaii.   I spent 8 months in paradise but came back to the state I call home-- Florida.  Lots more room & good vibes here!

I'll recharge both my energies & my friendships in Melbourne for a while as I plan the next step in this adventure called life.  Stay tuned!!!!


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Updated   9/15/02