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     The Miami Beach Patrol is a group of dedicated men & women responsible for the safety of bathers & spectators along the City's shore.    In the early days volunteers would guard the beaches & rescue tired swimmers.    As Miami Beach became a major resort destination, Mayor J. N. Lummus created the patrol in 1928.    At that time the lifeguards only worked during the "season", winter, when most of the tourists were flocking to the warm weather.

     When I first became a lifeguard (1969), Grandma lived on Miami Beach.    The average age was very high & we actually responded to more heart attacks & other medical emergencies than we did to water rescues.  

   Currently, Miami Beach has returned to prominence as a major tourist destination.     The "beautiful people" from all over the world come to meet & frolic in this unique, multicultural City.    On any given day you may see Gloria Estefan, Madonna or Sly Stallone jogging on the beach or in a local restaurant.     There are trendy shops, Art Deco Hotels & all the tropical pleasures which have drawn visitors since the early 1920's.

   The Beach Patrol currently employs up to 70 lifeguards to protect seven miles of beach.     Stations are manned 10 hours a day, seven days a week.   The guards work closely with the Police & Fire departments providing an efficient system of protection for locals and visitors.

Even the new lifeguard towers were designed in the whimsical "Art Deco" style.

    My years with the Beach Patrol bring great memories & I wish those men & women still protecting the beaches the best.  A finer group of athletes & individuals I have yet to meet.


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