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Oahu's Waikiki   is a super mix of cultures, activities and sights.  Just walking down the street is entertainment - some city planned, others provided by street performers.

    Every night there are hula shows, bands, street musicians and a cornucopia of faces & types.   Grandmothers, daughters, children, business men, midwestern tourists, hookers, newlyweds, locals all mixing along the street watching the show.


The couple at right play fantastic steel drum, which is of Caribbean origin.  They have adapted this sound to classic Hawaiian songs  creating a unique sound.   They perform free two nights per week & there is always a crowd watching.



Kuhio Beach   has hula shows every night from 6:30 to  7:30 right on the strip in Waikiki.  Weeknights there are usually two dancers & weekends feature hula students from the surrounding area.

Midway through the show they request all 1st time Hawaii visitors to join them on stage & the whole gang learn the hula--- very funny!

The hula was originally performed only by the Hawaiian men, they also did all the cooking.  Luckily the women were allowed to dance also, very beautiful & expressive.