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    This is my page dedicated to surfing of a different kind -- the wet kind.  As I mentioned in my home page, surfing became important to me around the age of 15.   My friend & I rented boards at "South Beach" and after 2 hours we were both hooked.

   Our first boards were home-made, really heavy & had no rocker so we spent lots of time "Pearling" (where the board's nose digs under the water - tossing the rider off). 

  My first real board was a Rick 9'6" longboard which cost $145.   I knew I was boss riding my Rick during the winter of "65".   One of my best boards was shaped by a guy called "Murph the Surf" who was well known in Miami as a great surfer but was having some well publicized problems with the law.

    All of a sudden the Australians were showing the rest of the world that size DID matter with their new "short" boards which, at that time, were 8'3" with a deep V bottom in the tail.    We all followed suit using these more maneuverable boards to go places on a wave which we had never dreamed of before.  Personally my shortest board was a 6' fun shape.

    I shifted to riding "WaveSkis" when I was in my 30's due to a chronic back problem.   This is an Australian / South African sport where you use a kayak paddle & sit up on the ski.  You drop in, cut back & work the wave as in surfing but you are strapped into this ski with a seat belt & foot straps.   I was in the best shape of my life while I was on that waveski.

    From there I began windsurfing & collected lots of gear for all the different conditions;  3 boards, 9 sails, 2 masts, 2 booms & on & on.   I really enjoyed the sport but after a while the simplicity of a surfboard & a bar of wax began to look pretty good.

   Currently, I'm back to surfing a 9'3" longboard & having a ball.   Receiving massage & maintaining my flexibility through stretching have been the key to this comeback.

      So if you see a mature fella with a goatee, driving a green VW Golf TDI & riding a 9'3" LightWave board --  say HI! and let me know you saw my surf page.

Page Updated 7/6/00