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This Navatek vessel operates off of Oahu and  offers morning or mid-day whale sighting cruises as well as sunset dinner cruises.   It utilizes SWATH technology which offers unsurpassed comfort while traversing the often turbulent Pacific Ocean surrounding Hawaii.   Just the sight of this amazing ship is quite unique and awe inspiring.  The main flotation hulls remain under water while a very thin, vertical part of the hull is presented to the surface.  This design allows the vessel to knife it's way through the waves without the ship rising or falling as typical "surface floating" vessels would.   Quite amazing!


Here you see the surfers out at "Pops" ,off of Waikiki, with the Navatek heading out for a sunset cruise in the distance.  This was the sight that really put the hook in me as I was surfing & watching this "aircraft looking" vessel just slicing through the waves.

When you take the whale cruise a breakfast or lunch are included but all I wanted to do was hang off the rail, sniff the sea air & see some whales!  The pair we saw on my trip were a bit quiet so the photo opportunities were few.  The crew included a naturalist who could answer questions & explain the whale's actions.

I came away from the Navatek cruise totally impressed with experience.  The vessel had captured my imagination from a distance with it's unique design.  Once aboard, the impression of calm, smooth movement through the waves was amazing.  The chance to see these wonderful humpback whales in comfort completely made my day!

The photo below was taken on the east side of the island as the Navatek passed Diamond Head returning from a morning whale cruise.  

To see more detailed photos of the Navatek & the whales - just follow the link below:

Navatek Whale Cruise