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Welcome to the page dedicated to my  trip to Hawaii.   I spent  almost  eight months  in Oahu and the beauty was  inspiring.   My  apartment i was in the shadow of  Diamond Head   & I was  just a few blocks from some great surf at Waikiki.  I rode  places  called Queens,  Paradise  & also Pops.  Spent some time at   Makaha,  tried Sunset Point & surfed the right at Turtle Bay.

Each week, besides surfing almost every day, I would do the tourist thing.  There are so many interesting locations;  the zoo, the aquarium, botanical gardens, museums, memorials & neighborhoods that I kept very busy. 

Eventually, I began to miss my friends in Melbourne, Florida as well as pelicans, manatees & even squirrels.  So I'm  headed back east to save some cash & perhaps start out again with an RV this time to tour the southwest.



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Updated  4/30/01


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