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What to expect


  When you receive a massage from a licensed massage therapist, the goal is your total relaxation.    Soft music may be played or the sound of a fountain in the background is also pleasant.   A special table designed so that the client can lie face down yet keep the head and neck aligned is used.

     The client should disrobe to a level which they are comfortable  while the therapist leaves to wash his/ her hands.  The therapist will provide sheets or towels to maintain your personal privacy while uncovering only the area to be manipulated.

    Massage oil or cream will be used to provide lubrication so that the therapist's hands will glide over the muscles.   The amount of pressure utilized will depend upon the results desired.   Communication is key to this process so that the client is always comfortable and remains relaxed.

    The massage session may last between 1/2 hour, for specific work in an isolated area, to 2 hours for a complete and ultra relaxing experience.   Whatever you choose, the session will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.