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Diamond Head

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My back yard happens to be the crater of  "Leahi", a volcano active some 500,000 years ago.   When active the volcano stood about 3500 ft.   Erosion and the Hawaiian Islands continuously sinking reduced it's height to 761 ft above sea level.  The crater has a diameter of 3250 ft and a floor area of 175 acres.

The name Diamond Head came from British sailors, who mined calcite crystals they mistook for diamonds in the early 1800's.   The site is now a state monument &, since as early as 1908, has been utilized as a military coastal defense station.

One of the first tourist sites I visited was this monument.   I can walk there but since the hike to the top is a workout in itself, I usually drive to the park entrance.   All types of people come to this park & I'm sure that some have no idea what they are getting themselves into!

Although not extremely arduous (some cross country runners use it as a workout) the typical tourist ends up huffing & puffing as they follow the winding path up to the stairs & tunnels which lead to the bunkers.    It is actually about a two hour hike in most cases.

After the winding trail you go through two tunnels, up some winding stairs and out through the window of one of the bunkers.  All of this effort is worth it as you are treated to a panoramic view from Koko Head to Waikiki.   Click the link to see more photos from this hike.

Diamond Head Photos