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Well,  I'm back on the beach again!   It's so great to walk  a block & check the waves.   Now I feel truly "back at  home" here in Indialantic, Florida. 

My new little (old "57") house will give me plenty to do when it's flat.   I have decks to build, a hot tub to install, the whole interior needs to be updated & then there is the bathroom.  Oh well,  luckily I like messin around with that stuff!

The neighborhood is full of other surfers who like to garden & have made this small community very pleasant.  The flower to the right is from some weed (vine)  growing wild by my driveway.      

I'm currently in the middle of creating flower beds & reducing as much grass as possible.   I prefer to surf rather than chase my lawnmower around!!   In fact, I plan on so little grass  that I purchased one of the old style, reel, push mowers.  I want to give as little support as possible to OPEC!!!!!!    I also don't miss the roar of the engine, my weed eater is battery powered, helps to reduce pollution both noise & air.

This summer has had plenty of regular rain.  So between that & my sprinkler pump many of the plants that looked terrible when I first moved in are now lush & green.  I am learning that "salt tolerance" is very important here on the beach!  Some of the plants that I have tried just couldn't hack it.


My local surf break is pretty rocky & currently blocked by some construction.  Once the building is finished I may be able to just walk to my break (that remains to be seen) but it's close to check if I should drive to one of my favorite spots or not (see Surf Page).





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Last updated 11/02